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Magna Pestilencia
In this version you have to assume that you have played the entire game. You have finally managed to get into the centre of the plague. Here lies the root and the monster that you have to defeat; the Magna Pestilencia. This is the final boss fight. After the fight the plague will finally start to rot away.

This version focusses only on the fight itself and nothing else.

The world of Abolition
In the year 1800 the plague claimed its first fatal victim. Humanity decides to focus on technology instead of medical advances. 

As the plague continued to evolve and claim more victims, the technology advanced rapidly as well. 

Some people literally fight against the plague as plague doctors. No one is entirely sure if they can still be called human though. The more limbs they replace with advanced technology the more good they can do and the better they perform, it also means that they get less emotions over time.

Roughly 200 years later the source of the plague had been found and many plague doctors are send in order to get rid of the root of all evil. None has managed to destroy it yet.  

Equipped with the latest Plague Doctor Tech. you are now going to take on a journey where you finally free humanity from the plague. 

This game was made in 8 weeks by a team of 7:
Yasmin van Rooijen, Caspar Gelderman, Levi Vermaning, Kris de Haas, Xander Stuivenberg, Ravi Bechoe and Mees van Tilburg.

You can find the OST here:


Abolition 0.9.zip 269 MB


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Goei Geme


In all seriousness though, I do love games that make me think. This game is interesting in its gameplay, and it makes me extremely curious what it could produce if it was given way more time.

Thank you for the kind words! I completely agree that if we had more time we could make more creative gameplay based on the main mechanic.