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This is a little showcase showing some of the latest AI types I worked on. 

At first we have boids showing flocking behaviour. The boids are audio responsive to the audio going through the system. 

I have got an A-star pathfinding system that tries to solve a maze as quick as it can.

The boids + A-star is simply a combination of the boids navigating through the maze while being audio responsive with their flocking behaviour. 

GOAP + US showcases mainly the Guard AI. This makes use of the Goal Orientated Action Planning which is also influenced by the Utility System. The guard uses both. The Ally AI only uses the GOAP. The ally shows how the system can be used for actions, for example if it wants to throw a smoke bomb it first needs to have some. 
The guard shows the complexity and dynamic range of the system. If for example it wants to attack the player it will first need to aquire a weapon, which requires iron bars. Iron bars requires smelting iron ores and before you can smelt iron ores... yep you guessed it, you have to mine them. However if somehow the guard already had bars then it will just need to smith it. The planner uses A-star in order to figure out the most efficient course of action. Each action costs energy and makes the guard a bit more tired. Once the fatigue is high enough the Utility System will eventually tell the guard that it is too tired to continue so the guard has to take break, but before it gets that far the system will advice the guard to take a nap. 
When the guard has low health or a high hunger the system will also advice the guard to eat or force the guard to eat once the HP is low enough or the hunger is high enough.

Known bugs:
The audio responsiveness does not work on all systems, this is a driver related issue. I might fix this. 
Sometimes the ally stares off in the deep distance contemplating about the meaning of existence when it says "Doing" it really means thinking about the meaning of life and its existence. All you have to do is go out of the range of your ally and walk back in so that the status will be a smiley again :)


version 0.9.zip 22 MB

Install instructions

You can close the application by pressing alt + f4.

The boids listen to your system audio. This means that it is most effective when you listen to music. There is a bug where it doesn't work with some systems. 

In the mazes you can place goals (left mouse for green and right mouse for red) for the AI to navigate to. By pressing spacebar you can generate a brand new maze. 
In the A-star only maze you can use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out.

In the GOAP+US scene you can walk around with WASD.

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