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Bring to Light is a demo created by a small team in 2 months time. We were tasked to create a game that would fit into an introduction week.

We decided to create a game that is mainly about communication and exploration. This in order to end the introduction week with a nice relaxing final day. We want to show people that it is okay to communicate with new people as well as to ask them for help. This skill will be mandatory throughout their education. 

Certain puzzles in the game require teamwork in order to be solved which is one of the ways that we try to achieve this. 

Depending on the future of this project it might be temporarily closed, but for now it will serve as a work created by us that can be played by everyone. 

Through the game you can join the discord server which contains all the information that you need. 

In memories of (and honourable mentions to) Corné van Delft.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsploopploop, jong3303, DRAADLOOS, Belastingbriefbas
TagsCasual, First-Person, Unity, Voxel


Bring to Light 0.93.zip 222 MB

Install instructions

Download, unpack (requires 7zip or winrar etc.), join Discord and play!

Controls are WASD for movement, E for pickup, C for zoom, Tab for inventory and ESC to quit.

In the menu there is a Discord button, make sure to join the server and to read the instructions over there in order to register and to get your login credentials. 

Do note that you can not play this game without Discord.

Final note: some browsers tend to mark this as questionable since we are not an official publisher but the game file is quite large. 

Development log

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