A downloadable game for Windows

Please read the tutorial below before playing!

The game currently does not support save and load. 

This is a rogue-like deck-builder game. Dying is a hard reset. You don't keep progress, but you can try to remember the spells! 


You are a crafter hungry for the perfect spells. In an abandoned castle you have found the perfect area in order to craft your spells. However it releases toxic fumes so each time you need to take a deep breath and watch your oxygen supply. 

Outside are many fearsome wizards that will try to take you down... since perhaps it was their castle and not abandoned after all... but small details aside! You battle them with your mighty spells in order to loot them and to continue mastering the arts of spell crafting.


Once you enter the game you have several options. 

The main window is the shop. In the shop you can purchase items such as spells, heals, etc. 
It is necessary to create or buy spells, otherwise you have nothing to fight with in the battle. 
Left mouse button to click on things.

Create Spell
In the create spell interface you have to draw the spell in shapes that matches the spells you have unlocked. Done an earlier playthrough and remember those spells? Try drawing it! After you have drawn make sure to hit "create spell". 
You can draw by holding the left mouse button. The spacebar resets your drawing. 
Make sure to have plenty of oxygen as drawing releases toxic fumes!
The more accurate your drawing is the better the stats will be.

Before you can assign the spells in battle you need to assign them to your spell slots. Each slot can hold up to 7 spells and your inventory can hold up to 21.
By clicking on the slots with left mouse button you can swap them around. Click on the same slot twice to deselect it. 

In the battle you have 3 slots. You can select a slot by navigating with A and D keys. You can navigate the spells per slot by using the W and S keys. Pressing space fires that spell.
Red means that there are no spells in the slot. Green means it is ready to use and black to white indicate when the cooldown is over. 
Each spell costs mana to cast.
If you surrender you won't die but you will lose 10 gold. 


Left Mouse Button: used to click things, draw spells
WASD: navigate the spells during a battle
Space: fire spell, clear drawing


This game was made by ploopploop and BotsOp (2 developers).

We have legally used several asset packs:

The Big Castle Kit

ForceField Effects

Realistic Effects Pack 4

Gothic UI

Ultimate Game Music Collection


Exponentia.zip 914 MB

Install instructions

Unpack zip and play!

Make sure to read the tutorial on here as the game has none.


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This looks amazing!

Thanks my dude!