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The original concept of this game is an arcade shooter where you are physically in front of multiple monitors that resemble the windows of a submarine. In your hands is a turret with switches and buttons that allow you to operate the submarine as well as shooting down hostiles (or friendlies). All for the sake of reaching the highest score!

As a researcher you dive into the deep. There has been numerous rumors about the ocean becoming uncanny and slightly off. There were discoveries of large bones and almost as if some fishes are too large or mutated. Ready and geared you go on an investigation to discover the mysteries that are waiting on you.


Into the Deep (single monitor).zip 183 MB

Install instructions

The single monitor version only runs the game in the center monitor. This version is also significantly easier on your system as the game is only rendered once. The other versions (arcade and multi monitor) are not available through Itch.

Arcade controls:
Shoot - joystick buttons
Toggle dive - switch
Aiming - physically aiming

Non-arcade controls:
Shoot - spacebar
Aim - WASD
Toggle dive - M

Universal cheats and offsets are tied to the alphanumeric keys 1-6 (above the qwerty keys). 


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So BEAUTIFUL! I'm voting for more content! Here's a link to my playthrough https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1529406689?t=00h57m38s

Wow thank you very much! I am really glad to know that you enjoyed it :D