A downloadable game for Windows

On this island everyone is on their own. 

Try to build the perfect mecha by destroying opponents while claiming their parts. 

RogueLike in this game
The island is procedurally generated (including environment). In it are enemies procedurally placed which are created from random modular components. 

When you die it is game over and you will have to start from scratch.

Killing an enemy will award you with their components including their current health so that you can hot swap mecha pieces.*

Completing a level will award you with a small repair on all parts.*

* will be added to the game and is currently either bugged or under construction.

This game is still under construction, the following will be added shortly
- part pick up
- HUD & UI
- actual win and game over conditions
- SFX and music
- other VFX
- mini map
- simple save and load system

Will be improved
- menu

- island generator 


Licenses Unity asset packs used:
- Nature Starter Kit 2
- Mech Constructor: Spiders and Tanks
- Epic Toon VFX 2

All programming done by us, Geoffrey and Ravi


Mecha Island.zip 52 MB

Install instructions

Unpack zip and play!

WASD for movement of the legs, mouse for the turrets. 
Left mouse click to shoot.
Alt+F4 to quit (for now)


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