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Warning: this software contains a lot of flashy images!

This is a planetary visualizer in which everything but the skybox is procedurally generated. It listens to your system audio, whether it is a zoom meeting, a new banger on spotify or your midnight youtube mukbangs. It reacts to it all! 

Different music styles cause different patterns and reactions. The entire audio spectrum is used to tweak various elements on the planet. 

Press M to toggle negative colors (significantly decreases flashy images when off).
Press ESC to quit the visualizer.

Extra info

This visualizer shows the effect of the audio spectrum on a fictional procedural generated planet. You can see the following effects visualized:
Sub-bass (emission)
Bass (color)
Low midrange (islands density)
Midrange (islands coverage)
Upper midrange (islands height)
Presence (inverted emission at high kicks)
Brilliance (contrast of emission)

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Version 0.91.zip 63 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and launch.

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