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You climb to the top whilst competing against the other team to be the first to get the worm egg. Then you take the egg to Chef Clunk to turn it into a wormelette. Gluttonous, angry worms will try to protect the egg.

In this 3 versus 3 players game mode you fight against the enemy team. In order to win you have to capture the worm egg 3 times. Otherwise when the timer runs out the team with most captures will win. Every time a wormelette is consumed the corresponding player can choose a powerup. This ranges from toxic trails that do damage over time to the ability to ride on hostile worms. Why not make friends from your enemies enemy? 

We had 2 weeks to work on this assignment where we had to create something that fits within the Awesomenauts universe without alienating the fanbase. We came up with Awesomenauts 2.0 where this would be one of the many game modes.

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prototype 3.zip 68 MB

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