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Welcome to Minesweeper... with ray tracing... a full on story mode and... a boss battle. 

This version of the game is the 1.0 version and will only receive bug fixes. The Steam version will get more future updates and additions. This is because from the 1.0 version RTX Sweeper will get Steam specific features. The version on Itch is what I initially envisioned the game to be. Over time there were more features that I wanted to add, a lot are in version 1.0. Some more will be added in due time on Steam. 

If you wish to support me, make sure to get it on Steam as well as it is free-to-play. Reviews and traffic helps me out a lot!


RTX Sweeper 512 MB

Install instructions

Unpack zip and launch RTX Sweeper

Left mouse to reveal tile
Right mouse to plant flag / remove flag
WASD to move the camera
Space / CTRL / Scroll to zoom in and out

Do note that resizing your screen size has been disabled due to conflicting issues with DirectX12. 

Lastly, this project contains ray tracing, but it is still experimental and unstable. Unless you have a powerful ray trace capable card do note that you might experience a lot of lighting artifacts when turning the option on. 

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