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Taffu received his first assignment as a monster tamer in this magical world. 

He has been tasked to assist a village that is being troubled by 3 monsters.

Can you help Taffu overcome the challenges in order to befriend the monsters to restore peace to the village and its surroundings?

Side note:
You can find the postcard (once you complete the game) at the same place as the executable.


Taffus Tale A Tricky Trip 1.0.zip 266 MB

Install instructions

Unzip package to play

Controls (PC):
WASD for movement
Look around with mouse
Stealth/crouch with ctrl
Jump with space
Tab to open inventory
Click to drop inventory items
E to interact/chat

Controls (XBOX Controller) :
Left stick for movement
Look with right stick
Stealth/crouch with B
Jump with A
Back to open inventory
A to drop inventory items
Y to interact/chat

(PS controllers are also supported)

Development log

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